“The decision to buy is human, not digital”.

Didier Schapiro, founder & CEO

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Decode what is essential to your clients and transform it into business results.


Having no stake in processes already in place and no judgment about people habits, we are free to spot areas that can be improved. Whatever your sales challenges are, we propose you immediately actionable responses.


When participating to our custom-made programs, you focus not only on what you do, but how you are being. This makes your newly acquired skills and behavioral changes sustainable.


We support you in uncovering internal obstacles and we hold the process, so you can come up with the best solutions for you and/or your organization.


We share our experience and expertise, so you can open new doors, and widen your horizon. Safely.

 Onboard our Global Sales Empowerment Program™
If your situation requires a more specific reply , let’s talk about your challenges.

The Global Sales Empowerment Program™

The Global Sales Empowerment program™

PerformanceRefine partnership for performance breaktrough®An experiential workshop focused on developing self-awareness, flexible inter-personal communication and adaptive behaviour.
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The outcome:
  • Understand yourself, your preferences and favorite behaviors
  • Identify the preferences of your clients/team members and how to adapt instantly
  • Make the most of the relationships that affect you in the workplace

PerformanceGrasp sales performance essentials®Intensive practice to embed coaching/mentoring skills and attitudes in all significant sales and sales management situations.
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The outcome:
  • Create optimal conditions for customers to buy and team members to perform
  • Deliver a pitch that leads clients to your solution and team members to action
  • Coach your clients and/or team members for higher business results

PerformanceBuild-up powerful negotiation skills and strategies®Highly personalized negotiation practice to enhance negotiators power and wisdom.
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The outcome:
  • Design and handle effective negotiation tactics
  • Build confidence in your negotiation power
  • Achieve maximum value for your organization and positive outcome for all parties

StrategySet-up highly productive sales strategy®Think out of the box and explore new tracks around your sales strategy during this unique comprehensive mentoring.
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The outcome:
  • Define sales approach that fits your business model and goals
  • Conduct effective domestic and global prospection
  • Capture and convert leads to sales
  • Align sales and marketing

CommunicationGenerate impactful sales messages®A hands-on, results-oriented workshop with immediate impact on the ability to effectively influence clients to take action.
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The outcome:
  • Develop and deliver clear, concise, compelling sales communication
  • Excel in verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Consistently trigger positive reactions from clients

PeopleBecome a salesperson from within®Engaging workshop based on last discoveries of neurosciences to reconciliate participants with sales.
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The outcome:
  • Break through what’s holding you back from reaching your goals
  • Develop greater confidence in your selling skills
  • Consciously create and manifest what you want


What our customers say

Didier trained and coached our sales teams at Total. His ability to simplify complex sales techniques is impeccable. Top trainer with a huge impact on day to day work improvement on sales teams

Dominic DHANAH

Directeur General, Puma Energy

At my request Didier prepared and facilitated training sessions for my oil company partners in Egypt, Spain and Portugal. Not only do I feel I received a return on the training investment through increased partner sales, I also feel that Didier’s professionalism and the general atmosphere of the sessions was a benefit to me in terms of improved relationships with these partners.

Olivier Pistiaux

Founder, Soyooz

Didier has been able to provide the right training for a multicultural sales team in the challenging enviroment of the maritime business. With a creative and refreshing approach he brought exactly what we needed to our sales team.

Georges Puskas

Polymers Specialty Coumpound - Global Sales & Marketing Manager Rotomoulding, Total R&C bij Total

I had the pleasure of working with Didier as we designed and facilitated several coaching related workshops for Google all across Europe. He has a real talent for making complex situations or concepts really easy to understand and he brings models and content to life with great examples. Didier is a an excellent facilitator, able to adjust very quickly to the environment and any challenges.

Claire Hatton

Co founder, Full Potential Labs

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Get your clients buy from you…

Because business environments are every day more complex and volatile, the differentiation between salespeople on a same market cannot rely only on functional parameters…

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